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How to care for your Christmas tree.

Tree care for cut trees.

Tree Care

Make sure the stand is kept full of water so that it does not dry out. Avoid small “coffee cup” stands that hold too little water. A stand that will hold a 4-inch diameter trunk should hold at least 1 gallon of water after the tree is set up. You may purchase a suitable tree stand in our gift shop.

Research has shown that plain water is by far the best thing to have in the tree’s stand. Some commercial additives and home concoctions can actually be detrimental to a tree’s moisture retention and increase needle loss. Water holding stands that are kept filled with plain water will extend the freshness of trees for weeks.

Stand your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, televisions, and other heat sources.

Only use indoor lights on your tree, check lights to see that the cords and connections are in good working order. Be careful not to use more than three light sets per extension cord.

Unplug lights when going to bed or when leaving home.

Tree care For live potted trees.

The most important thing to remember when caring for a live tree is to give it time to acclimate before moving it back outside. In order to do this it is best to keep the tree inside for only a short time. While inside the tree should be kept watered but not in excess. Before planting the tree outside, it should spend some time in a garage or similar sheltered location where it will not be as cold before planting the tree outside. The tree can be planted anytime during winter or spring.

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